Double your
Outdoor Impact

Consider that your advertising surface would gain an equal level of consumer exposure during day and night. Or that the length of the day would not have an effect on the level of consumer exposure – not even dark autumn days would impede the impact of your advertising surface. Imagine also that this advertisement device would endure even the harshest weather conditions, and the lights would not go out, even if you were to keep them on continuously for many years. This could be true.

You have an opportunity to update your traditional advertisement device into an advertisement that turns heads and reaches consumers also during nighttime and the darker seasons of the year.

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BS BeStones Oy

Buses, trams and trains reach consumers when there is a sufficient amount of daylight. Turn this around and gain consumer exposure for your benefit also during nighttime and during the dark autumn and winter days.

BS BeStones Oy offers and has offered its’ clients advanced illuminated advertisement and sign solutions already since 1996.

Our specialized domain is extremely thin, edge illuminated advertisement signs. Great luminance, small energy consumption as well as slender yet durable structure are the most important features of our products.

No more half dark advertisement billboards

When you choose a LED-illuminated advertisement or sign, you make a choice for a long lifespan and a uniformly and consistently illuminated advertisement surface. What is best: LED consumes up to 50-70% less energy in comparison to traditional sources of light.

It is time to forget fluorescent lamps and other maintenance requiring sources of light. The most important feature of our products is that they are maintenance-free. This is made sure by hundreds of tiny LED-lamps on the edges of the advertising surfaces. All the illuminating components are fully waterproof and protected from the harmful effects of both dust and vibration.

In addition to these qualities, LED is the best source of light in relation to its operating temperature. LED operates in both extremities of outside temperatures - in -30°C as well as 40°C. Allow us to figure out the technical details for you. The structure of our LED-modules and power supply is designed to ensure that you won’t face a situation, when the whole illuminated advertisement has gone dark.

Just change the advertisement

Our products are constructed of only the best components and materials and they are designed to endure extreme cold and hot weather conditions.

Now you only have to take care of changing the advertisements. Even this has been designed to keep it simple. The aluminum frames of our illuminated advertisement billboards can be completely opened up, making the replacement of advertisements quick and easy without the use of tools.

Technical information

The illuminated advertisements are designed for special locations
such as buses, trams and trains.

Advertisement material:
Correx board
Frame material:
Defined according to the needs of client
Defined according to the needs of client
Source of light:
High-power LED
Density classification:
Operating temperature:
-30°C ... 40°C

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We are most happy to tell you more about how our advertising surfaces operate and how you can benefit from them in your business operations.

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